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Forklift rentals: Should I rent or purchase a lift truck?

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Forklift reasons - 4 reasons to rent a lift truck

As a warehouse manager, there are a number of reasons to seek out a company that does forklift rentals rather than purchase a forklift outright. Below are some four key factors that may lead you to decide to rent a forklift rather than purchase the lift truck. 


Rentals for Seasonality

You have a peak season where you need additional equipment? Forklift rentals may be an economical choice.


Rentals for inventory

You have a scheduled time where you inventory your stock and you need more equipment capacity so a rental helps with the temporary demand.


Expense budgets for rentals

You have an expense budget but do not have capital acquisition dollars for additional equipment. Forklift rentals are a good idea in this scenario.


Try before you buy

Opportunity to use the model of equipment you are considering purchasing. Forklift rentals are a good way to test equipment before you commit a capital budget to their acquisition. 

Have forklift rental questions?

Have questions about forklift rentals? Most forklift equipment on this materials handling store can be rented. Contact us for more information or if you have questions. CLICK HERE


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