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990-500/BC1 | Battery Cleaner | Raymond
990-500/BR45 | Brake Cleaner | Raymond
990-500/CHL | Chain Lubricant | Raymond
990-500/GC1 | Glass Cleaner | Raymond
990-500/ISL | Inner Slide Lube | Raymond
990-500/PL1 | Penetrant Lubricant | Raymond
990-500/PMP | Plastic and Metal Protectant | Raymond
990-500/RD1 | Degreaser | Raymond
990-500/SCQ | Spray and Wipe Cleaner | Raymond
990-500/STGX | Spray Teflon Grease | Raymond
990-500/WEB | Web Adhesive Spray | Raymond
990-500/WG1 | White Lithium Grease | Raymond

Raymond Protectants, Cleaners, and Lubricants


Ensure the long life of your lift truck with maintenance solutions from The Raymond Corporation. Raymonds maintenance solutions are formulated to keep your lift trucks running at an optimum level. From cleaners to degreasers, adhesives andlubricants, Raymond has the right solution for your lift truck. New and improved formulas help keep you conscious of your operational needs and your environment.  

990-500/BC1     15 oz aerosol spray can
Battery Cleaner and Protectant
  • Dries to a flexible clear coating to preserve identification on parts and prevent corrosion from reoccurring
  • No chlorinated solvents or CFC’s 
  • Will not crack or peel and can withstand temperatures of -40° F to 175° F
  • Sprays on purple and turns dark brown when it is time to reapply 


990-500/BR45    13.5 oz aerosol spray can
Brake & Parts Cleaner
  • Non-chlorinated formula  for cleaning and degreasing
  • Helps stop squeaks and squeals 
  • Cleans pads, discs, drums, linings, shoes, springs, etc. without the need for disassembly
  • Product comes with an extension tube for easy application in hard to reach places


990-500/CHL    10 oz aerosol spray can
Gear and Chain Lubricant
  • Lubricates, protects and prolongs
  • Product comes with an extension tube for easy application in hard to reach places 
  • Ideal for chain drive applications


990-500/GC1    19 oz aerosol spray can
Glass Cleaner
  • Cleans and polishes windows, windshields, mirrors, chrome, porcelain and other hard surfaces
  • Removes smudges, finger prints, oil, grease
990-500/ISL   10.5 oz aerosol spray can
Inner Slide Lube
  • Clings to surfaces
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Increases slide and piston life
990-500/STGX    13 oz aerosol spray can
Spray Teflon Grease
  • Maximum protection that enhances lubricating ability under extreme pressures
  • Penetrates, lubricates and protects without staining
  • Liquid sets up to form a grease; clear in color
990-500/PL1    15 oz aerosol spray can
Penetrant Lubricant
  • Use on anti-corrosion preventative media
  • Displaces moisture and hinders corrosion; Penetrates and lubricates various surfaces
  • Product comes with an extension tube for easy application in hard to reach places


990-500/WEB    12 oz aerosol spray can
Web Adhesive Spray
  • Bonds to plastic, foam, wood and other surfaces
  • Ideal for floor mats
  • Waterproof bonding spray, provides permanent or temporary bonds; Unique
  • web-like spray creates a complete coverage


990-500/WG1    14 oz aerosol spray can
White Lithium Grease
  • Water resistant all purpose lubricant, helps prevent rust and corrosion for all metal to metal applications
  • Will not freeze, melt or wash off
  • Product sticks to vertical surfaces and comes with an extension tube for easy application in hard to reach places


990-500/PMP    10 oz aerosol spray can
Plastic & Metal Protective Coating
  • Renews luster to plastics, metal and vinyl
  • Makes surfaces look like new


990-500/SCQ    1 quart spray bottle
Spray & Wipe Cleaner
  • Cleans plastic, painted panels, engines, siding, fiberglass, tires and other surfaces unharmed by water
  • Cleans and degreases surfaces while dispersing soils and removing stains
  • Biodegradable chemical cleaner


990-500/RD1    14 oz aerosol spray can
  • Biodegradable solvent cleaner and degreaser
  • Contains environmentally safe citrus solvent
  • Extension tube included for easy application in hard to reach places

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