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Linear Actuator Lift Tables

Linear Actuator Lift Tables

Linear Actuator Lift Tables

MMLA linear actuated lift carts are designed for applications requiring precision, clean rooms, and quiet environments. The table raises and lowers by use of a hand held up/down pendant on a coiled cord and creates a quiet sound similar to that of a powered car window. The mechanical operation of the lifts use no hydraulics which translates into no potential for oil leaks or vertical drifting over time. Once the elevation of the platform is set, it will remain at that position until it is changed by the operator - useful for assembly applications in which the load position is required for extended periods of time.

Highly mobile with four all swivel non-marking medical casters, loads can be easily transported between locations and positioned with up to 34" of vertical travel. The 12 volt DC battery operation of the linear actuator includes an on-board automatic charger with red/green indicator lights, on/off switch as well as a battery discharge indicator - all centrally located for ease of operation. The MMLA is available in capacities of 330 or 550 lbs and platform sizes of 19.7" x 31.5" or 24" x 35.8".

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