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Rack Sentry - Racking Impact Protection
Rack Sentry - Racking Impact Protection
Rack Sentry - Racking Impact Protection

Rack Sentry - Racking Impact Protection

Rack Sentry takes a beating so your rack systems don't have to

Instead of leaving your expensive metal racks exposed which allows them to be scratched, bent or crumpled under impact of a forklift, protect them with Rack Sentry. Rack Sentry absorbs the impact and quickly reforms back to its original shape whenever heavy lifting equipment strikes. The patented Sentry Air Cushion System is always on guard, protecting the structural integrity of your rack system.

  • Versatile - available in widths that protect 3"/75mm to 4.75"/120mm racking systems
  • Each piece is 18"/457mm tall and stackable to fit you your height needs 
  • Cutouts are available for 3"/75mm uprights and feature a cutaway section on the return arms to enable it to be placed over beams 5"/127mm or 7"/178mm from the floor
  • Highly visible OSHA safety yellow color 
  • Incredibly tough and long-lasting with waterproof, non-conductive and chemical-resistant material that withstands temperatures down to 32 degrees farenheit
  • Easily installed in seconds - no tools needed
  • Ideal for concrete or steel column protection
  • Inexpensive and Cost-Effective, with no maintenance required

When hit, the Rack Sentry flexes, protecting the racking system, the forklift, and the forklift operator from accidental damage. 

Rack Sentry® rack protectors attach directly to your rack uprights, protecting them from the abuse from collisions with your forklifts. Constructed of a flexible EVA material, Rack Sentry gives your racks a highly visible layer of protection that's easily installed without tools. Rack Sentry is available in a number of sizes to fit most uprights. Additionally, there are models available for low beam installations and for end racks.

Rack Sentry® is ideal for intermediate rack uprights where high visibility and a flexible layer of protection is most needed. The product is designed to absorb impact by flexing, returning to shape to work again. Rack Sentry® has been tested to a limit of 3mph (5km/h) using a 5,000 lb. (capacity) forklift without damage to the rack upright, forklift, or product.

Rack Sentry® installs directly to the rack upright, eliminating the need to drill into the floor at the rack upright. In use, Rack Sentry® puts no stress on the floor.

Rack Sentry® exceeds the European FEM standard of 400 N.m protection recommended for rack uprights.

For use in temperatures below 0°C, the use of Rack Sentry LT (Low Temperature) is recommended.

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