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3 Sided Wire Enclosure 10' x 10'
Dimensions and drawing of wire cage 10 feet by 10 feet with 3 sides

3 Sided Wire Enclosure 10' x 10'

3 Sided Wire Enclosure 10' x 10'

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Our 3 Sided Wire Enclosure 10' x 10' is a quality wire mesh cage that comes with hinged door access and pad lock system that provides protection for the equipment or supplies with in. The mesh panels are fitted with ease using smart attachments and can be used in most environments. Using wire mesh cages allows you to have a visual on the enclosed items, access for light and sprinkler systems, natural lighting, ventilation and helps prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access. You can choose to have the mesh panels and systems in any color, but the grey color of our mesh panels and systems is most common as it makes it easy for the eye to see through the panel.

Each wire enclosure is easy to assemble and comes as a "DIY" kit with assemble instructions and hardware such as nuts and bolts.

Additional options available*:

  • Steel Panel Partitions
  • Panic Bar
  • Pad Locks
  • ASSA Cylinders for Door Locking Mechanism
  • Euro Cylinders for Door Locking Mechanism
  • Single Sliding Door
  • Double Sliding Door
  • Linear Sliding Door
  • Double Hinged Door
  • Shelving
  • Anti-collapse system
  • Ceiling

*may be added for an additional charge

Freight to Fremont, CA included in price. We will contact you with freight arrangements after purchase. For a customized wire enclosure or if you have any questions please contact us at store@raymondhandling.com or call us today at 1-844-445-1119.