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Attached Top Storage Container | Quantum Storage

Attached Top Storage Container 24" x 20" x 12 1/2"

Attached Top Storage Container

Attached top storage bins are durable, trustworthy and sustainable from Quantum Storage Products are perfect for storage, distribution and order picking in your warehouse. The tops are joined permanently via steel hinges that interlock for protection and stacking strength. You can stack these totes on top of eachother to fully utilize storage and nesting when unfilled. The bottom of the tote is textured is non-slipping for smooth conveyance. The totes come with ergonomic handles for easy handling. Designed with recessed lids help to ensure the contents do not shift. Equiped with a padlock eye provides a security option which can allow the lids to be either fastened or locked. Your goods are secured as the lids close securely to protect from dust or damage.