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Bassi Multi-voltage Battery Charger KF Series
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Bassi Multi-voltage Battery Charger

Bassi Multi-voltage Battery Charger

The Bassi Multi-voltage Battery Charger is a universal battery charger, digitally controlled and programmable. This KF Series model has a universal design, ultra high efficiency, very compact, and robust.

*Includes freight in pricing to the lower 48 states. Does not include installation.

The KF is the newest series of Bassi industrial battery chargers, designed for conventional and opportunity charging applications.

It based on High Frequency technology, featuring a perfect combination of very high efficiency, high power factor (PFC), universal capabilities and precise charge control.

The charging curve is programmable for any battery type, including Lithium technologies. When used with Lead-Acid batteries, the ultra-filtered output current and the unique control algorithm ensure a perfect mixing of the electrolyte (without using air-pumps), while reducing the water consumption and the temperature rise of the battery, as well as the energy consumption.

The Multi Volt KF Series chargers are controlled by a new digital board, equipped with alphanumeric display & keyboard, Charge History Logger, Programmable Real-Time Clock and Calendar, Audible Alarm and Connectivity package, compatible with wireless Battery Identification Modules.

The programmable features of these chargers are almost infinite.

Typical Applications
➢ Forklifts and other Vehicles for Material Handling
➢ Commercial and Public EV charging infrastructure
➢ Conventional and Opportunity charging

    Main Features
    ➢ Very high efficiency (>90% average, >95% peak)
    ➢ Near unity power factor
    ➢ Lightest and most compact HF charger in the industry
    ➢ Heavy duty design
    ➢ True universal charger: Multi-Voltage, Multi-Capacity, Multi-Chemistry.
    ➢ Automatic battery recognition
    ➢ Maximizes battery life, reduces water consumption and maintenance
    ➢ Intelligent electronic protection system (reverse polarity, wrong battery, overload, blocked air flow...)
    ➢ Battery voltage/temperature compensation
    ➢ Very quiet operation
    ➢ Integrated data-logger
    ➢ Anti-Arcing protection (auxiliary wires required)

    ➢ CANBUS interface
    ➢ Extended data-logger with USB port
    ➢ Wireless Battery Identification Modules
    ➢ Enclosure type IP54 (outdoor rated)

    Other options, features, and models available upon request. For inquiries and questions please contact us at or call us toll free at 1-844-445-1119.

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