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EnForcer Impaq Charger

EnForcer Impaq Charger

EnForcer IMPAQ charger modules are automatically switched off and on to achieve optimum charging performance and maintain peak efficiency at all times. Should a single module develop a minor fault, the charger bypasses the module and keeps running at reduced power to continue the charging process — and your business operations — without interruption.


EnForcer IMPAQ+ high frequency modular chargers employ the EnerSys exclusive IONICTM charge profile to continuously diagnose battery condition throughout the charging process. This optimizes the charging profiles and can reduce charging times from one to two hours compared to other chargers depending on battery type. The IONIC charge profile effectively brings a battery’s specific gravity back to “nameplate” — that is, to virtually the same rating the battery had when new. EnForcer IMPAQ+ chargers automatically identify batteries, assuring increased efficiency and power factor control for exceptional, customized charging.


The modular charger concept adapts to a wide range of battery capacities, allowing potential reduction of the number of chargers in your fleet. Fewer chargers means more space. Plus, the self-diagnostics feature flags any possible failures and replacing modules is easy to do.


EnForcer® IMPAQTM and IMPAQ+TM modular chargers The EnForcer® IMPAQ™ and IMPAQ+™ modular chargers from EnerSys® represent the best-in-class high frequency charging solutions for all applications in the field of material handling equipment, automated guided vehicle systems, cleaning machines and industrial electric vehicles. EnForcer IMPAQ high frequency chargers, whether free-standing or wall-mounted, are the most compact EnerSys chargers to date, offering intelligent charging with advanced efficiency and flexibility to meet the demands of any application. Optimized charging for a range of applications

  • Reduce carbon footprint with lower charging factor
  • Provide energy savings with efficiency up to 94%
  • Reduce electrical infrastructure requirements with 99% power factor
  • Consume below 10W in stand-by mode
  • Comply with the latest global standards including the California Energy Commission (CEC) appliance efficiency standards
Voltage: 24, 36, 48
Max Recharge Capacity: 24 volt- 1,000 AH, 36 volt- 1,000 AH, 48 volt- 750 AH
VAC: 480/3 phase only
Max Input AC Amps: 9.6
  • *shipping and taxes not included with price

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