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HUP Electric Forklift Battery -  New
HUP Enersys Battery

HUP Electric Lift Truck Battery

HUP Electric Lift Truck Battery - New

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Enersys' High Utilization Positive (HUP®) batteries feature a revolutionary design – backed by the longest standard warranty in the business. So you receive more runs per shift, a higher
capacity for sustained performance during each shift and less maintenance downtime.

*Special pricing for LKQ and Coremark-  Coupons cannot be used on this item
HUP Electric Lift Truck Battery - New Features:
  • HUP battery plates significantly reduce flaking and shedding of positive plate materials.
  • The design of the HUP battery’s positive plate grid allows for the maximum amount of lead paste to be locked into place during a controlled
    curing process. So the lead paste remains cohesive, and in contact with the positive grid far longer than in standard batteries.
    • Design: A computerized casting results in less flash and better crystallization during the grid molding process.
      Advantage: Stronger, thicker positive grids that are less susceptible to corrosion. The HUP® battery’s positive grid is the heaviest in the industry.
    • Design: The HUP battery’s grid design allows for the maximum amount ofactive material in each plate.
      Advantage: More active material for a stronger more consistent performance and increased capacity.
    • Design: HUP battery’s exclusive five-layer wrap.
      Advantage: The horizontal and vertical plate wrapping provides additional protection against shedding of the positive active material.

HUP Battery options available to be selected form drop down:

  • 36 Volts (18 Cell):
    • Model 18-125P-07: 375 Amp Hours
    • Model 18-125P-09: 500 Amp Hours
    • Model 18-125P-11: 625 Amp Hours
    • Model 18-125P-13: 750 Amp Hours
    • Model 18-125P-15: 875 Amp Hours
    • Model 18-125P-17: 1000 Amp Hours
  • 48 Volts (24 Cell):
    • Model 24-125P-07: 375 Amp Hours
    • Model 24-125P-09: 500 Amp Hours
    • Model 24-125P-11: 625 Amp Hours
    • Model 24-125P-13: 750 Amp Hours
    • Model 24-125P-15: 875 Amp Hours
    • Model 24-125P-17: 1000 Amp Hours
  • Smart "Blinky" Water Monitor Light and Watering System available as an added option

                To choose the correct battery for your truck, be sure to look at each model's specifications correctly. Choose the model from the drop down list and add to cart. Pricing will be updated. Other options and specifications available upon request.

                SB, SBX, EC, OR YC CHARGING CONNECTOR. We will follow up after order to confirm connector type.

                WARRANTY INCLUDED: Seven year (84-months) warranty that battery will perform at 80% of rated capacity—Full warranty for the first 5 years or 60 months and pro-rated warranty for the remaining 2 years or 24 months. It’s coverage you can depend on. Guaranteed.

                *Freight Included to lower 48 states

                Sales tax extra if applicable

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