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MAXX Mobile Adjustable Work Positioner
MAXX Mobile Adjustable Work Positioner

MAXX Mobile Adjustable Work Positioner

Adjustable Work Positioner

Adjustable work positioners reduce strain and overexertion by positioning the work load at the height preferred by the user. A telescoping shaft has a safety lever that enables the user to select the most convenient height. The platform can be set at various heights and tilted to a specific angle.

The ML15 series of work positioners adjust the height of the platform by use of an pneumatic cylinder. As the user pulls up the platform to their desired height, an air valve at the base of the cylinder intakes air thereby setting the height. A height adjustment knob can be tightened so that the platform will not raise further. An air release lever is used to lower the platform.

Four all swivel casters with caster brakes provide a stable and mobile base for the work positioner. The platform can be placed flat or tilted up to 40° with a 1.25" lip providing load support. A grease fitting at the top of the cylinder allows for easy maintenance.

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