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Pallet Inverter PalletPal - pallet rotator
Pallet rotator compatible with all types of pallets, skids, slip sheets, or boards

Pallet Inverter PalletPal

Pallet Inverter PalletPal


With the ability to handle pallet loads measuring up to 48" x 48" x 60" high, the Southworth PalletPal Pallet Inverter / Rotator (skid turner) is a simple, rugged machine designed to invert entire pallet loads. The pressure adjustable clamping mechanism easily secures loads up to 4,400 pounds and rotates them 180 degrees on a massive anti-friction turret bearing.

Example of when a pallet inverter would be used:

- Replace broken pallets
- Switch loads to/from in-house or shipping pallets
- Transfer from pallets to slip sheets
- Replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load


    No matter what the application, a PalletPal Rotator/Inverter is faster, safer, and easier than manual restacking of pallets.

    Pallet Pall Inverter Steps

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