Pallet Weigh Plus - Pallet Jack Scale

Pallet Weigh Plus - Pallet Jack Scale

Fairbanks Scales

SKU: H35396

The Pallet Weigh Plus pallet jack scale is best suited for legal-for-trade pallet weighing applications and for measuring incoming goods, shipping weight and general product weighing. This heavy-duty pallet jack scale provides a quick weight capturing method for fast-moving, limited space environments. With it's easy maneuverability and safety yellow finish, it is ideal for low-light applications saving both time, and preventing accidents.

Scale Features:

• 5000 lb and 3000 lb capacities
• High accuracy, maximum error 0.1 percent of the applied weight
• Easily exchangeable battery pack for continuous use (charger included)
• Instrument backlight for increased display visibility
• Piece counting program with piece weight sampling
• Weighs in pounds (default) or kilograms and includes toggle function
• Time and date
• Optional integrated thermal printer

Instrument Features:

• Automatic/manual zero correction
• Gross/net weighing
• Automatic and manual tare
• Summing with sequence number
• ID-code entry (5 digit)
• Piece counting by sampling
• Piece counting by entry
of piece weight
• Error messages in display
• Automatic switch-off
when idle for 30 minutes
• Optional printing of date, time,
counted pieces, gross/net weight


*Freight not included in price

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