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Park Sentry Collision Protectors

Park Sentry® parking collision protectors provide a new and attractive way to add a layer of seamless protection around both your square and round parking structure columns. These parking collision protectors add a malleable, scratch-resistant layer around concrete columns of any size, protecting both columns and vehicles from expensive collision damage.  Easily installed with few or no tools, Park Sentry® increases the visibility of your column to help avoid collisions and damage within parking lot settings. Once these collision protectors are installed, vehicles can confidently and safely park closer to the columns, saving space and utilizing more room than ever before.

These pads are molded from a very thin layer of specially engineered ARPRO® material. The parking collision protectors can be customized to fit virtually any square, rectangular, or round industrial concrete column. Ideal for car-park applications because it maximizes protection without sacrificing any parking space.  Park Sentry also covers the "splash zone" preventing corrosion from road salts and debris. 

System Features:

  • Made with specifically engineered ARPRO® material
  • Belt recesses create a seamless appearance
  • Easily modified to fit any sized square, rectangular, or round industrial column
  • Durable oil, chemical, water and flame resistant
  • Eco-friendly 100% recyclable materials
  • Available in 2 standard colors: Yellow and Black  
  • Easy to install with safety reflective straps and closures