Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Table

Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Table Side View
Presto Lift Air Powered Lift and Tilt Table front
Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Table Side View
Presto Lift Air Powered Lift and Tilt Table front

Presto Lifts

SKU: AXS10-3648

Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Table

The Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Table requires no electricity and can be used anywhere that shop air is available. They require less maintenance than conventional scissor lifts and because there is no hydraulic fluid there is no potential for process contamination. 

For individual control of lift height and tilt angle, Presto Lift & Tilt tables allow you to position work at the most comfortable height and angle. Fixed Height Tilters are also available and can be mounted on legs, work benches, or directly to the floor. Available in Heavy Duty and Standard Duty options.

Lift & Tilt tables are a great product to prevent excessive bending and reaching into containers. When using Lift & Tilt applications, it is always important to know the size of the load, including height, to help determine the load center of gravity as it moves through the tilt application. 





- 1000 - 4000 lbs. capacity standard units
- 2000 - 8000 lbs. capacity heavy-duty units
- 21" & 24" vertical travel
- 30 degree tilt standard, 35 degree tilt optional
- Pedestal mounted control
- Optional foot control available
- Lifetime warranty on Firestone Actuator
- Air requirements 80 psi @ 15 cfm
- Optional motion stabilizer
- Custom designs available

            Presto Lift Tables are available with several options and added features. Contact us to add features other than standard.

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