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Rental Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 48 Volt

Rental Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 48 Volt

Rental Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 48 Volt

Taylor-Dunn is a high quality industrial and commercial vehicle to help move people, carry material, and tow loads. There is a Taylor Dunn designed for your industry, including the Taylor Dunn Model B Utility Vehicle.

The Taylor-Dunn Electric Bigfoot Burden Carrier comes standard with cabin that is 10 inches bigger than a standard burden carrier. The steering column can be adjusted and tilted, coupled with sliding seats. This results in a larger area for the operator, which can reduce fatigue. All Taylor-Dunn vehicles are built to be dependable and reliable burden carriers which can move people, goods, or towing loads. Taylor-Dunn designs vehicles for all industries.


• Zero emissions
• Recessed tie-downs
• Smooth and quiet operation
• 10 in. larger operator's compartment
• Customizable to your application

Industries- Warehousing / Manufacturing / Universities & Schools / Zoos & Convention Centers / Hotels & Resorts Houses, Condominiums, and Apartments / Nurseries / Aviation / Government / Hospitals


One Month Rental of (1) Taylor-Dunn Utility Vehicle - Bigfoot 48 Volt with built-in charger and fold up 2nd row bench seating.

Taylor-Dunn Utility Vehicle - Bigfoot Features Video


In Stock in Auburn, WA and Portland, OR- Freight not included

Sales Tax Extra if applicable

Our company's rental and truck sale territory- Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and Northern California

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