How to buy a used lift truck

Determine what model forklift you need. Forklifts vary by model, application and how they will be used. If you have a previously owned forklift, determine what you like and don’t like about the lift.

  • How much weight does it need lift? Always purchase a lift which can handle at least the maximum load of your product to the top of your system.

  • What is the maximum height your load needs to reach? A good rule of thumb is to purchase a unit which will lift a minimum of 9” above your top load beam. This will allow ease of lift off from the top height.

  • Will the forklift be used indoors or outdoors? Typically electric lifts are used indoors and propane or internal combustion lifts are typically used outdoors.

  • Ask if extended warranties are available. This is a good way to control your costs on future maintenance and/or repairs.
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