Optimize Your Warehouse in the New Year


The New Year is here, and we know that you are most likely doing everything you can to get your warehouse into tip-top shape. When it comes to managing a manufacturing or distribution operation, making sure your warehouse is in the right order and your processes and technology solutions are working correctly at the start of a new year is extremely important. How you begin the new year can be a strong indicator for how the rest of the year is going to go, so make sure that you are not ill-prepared for the new challenges the year will bring.

Organize your warehouse (even if you think it doesn’t need it). Organization is key to productivity. If your workers are walking around the warehouse looking for an item, you are wasting valuable time and money. It’s always a good idea to reexamine your warehouse organization and evaluate what’s working and what is not. Create a simple and specific system for organizing all of the products in your warehouse, making sure to keep high volume items front and center.

One of the most effective ways to reduce risk hazards in a warehouse is to initiate a comprehensive 5S program.  When properly performed, these steps: Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain, will go a long way in keeping your area free of unnecessary items.  A clean, clutter free workplace will naturally reduce risks, improve quality, and boost morale.  

After being in this business for over 30 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about warehouse management. In order to help you prepare your warehouse for the new year, we’ve put together a few tips to get your affairs in order. Keep the following tips in mind as you look at improving your warehouse management situation.

5 Products to Prep Your Warehouse for the New Year

Storage Bins:  The many different storage bin colors, options, and sizes can help you organize your warehouse based on your particular needs. The different sizes allow you to choose the particular bin measurements that best fit the shelving. Also, a wide variety of available bin sizes allows you to choose bins to fit the items you want to store.



Tables & Picking Carts: Picking can be one of the biggest time-wasting activities in the warehouse, especially if you are still using manual processes. Even one manual task can slow the process down and impact your entire productivity. This custom-made picking cage is specially designed to fit on an Orderpicker, including Raymond Orderpickers!  It is designed to be a durable mobile cart that can be secured to an Orderpicker or rolled around on the ground that also keeps product organized and secure with its multiple shelf design.

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Safety Floor Tape: Stop wasting time and money painting your lines and using thin vinyl floor tapes. Being productive and keeping your warehouse workers safe should be the top priority. These products are also a great way to 5S your warehouse.


Pallet Buster/Skid Breaker: Our Pallet Buster gets rid of unusable, broken and unsightly pallets safely and easily. Lightweight and easy to use, the unique dual pronged forks offer leveraged prying action that pulls the nails out with ease. Other uses the Buster can be used for including breaking down Wood Decks or even for Dock Board and Plate removal.



Warehouse Safety Products:  Safety is #1...from mirrors, to racking and collision prevention products, we have everything you need to keep your workers and products safe. 

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By starting with this checklist, you can transform your warehouse management and already start improving your chances for success in the new year. More often than not, it comes down to having a plan of action and putting that plan into place at the right time.

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