Racks, and Corners and Safety, oh my!

Safety in the workplace is not something that just happens; it is planned, implemented and practiced every day and covers a lot of territory. Two areas in the warehouse that are extremely vulnerable to accidents – rack systems and blind corner intersections.

One thing you’re sure to see in every warehouse is racking. Rack systems are the backbone of warehouse storage and fundamental to daily operations. They’re also vulnerable to damage; even collapse. They need to be protected.

Here’s the thing. Rack systems are made from many parts that together make a strong structure capable of holding thousands of pounds of materials. But, if any one of those components is damaged, the safety factor is compromised. Go beyond a certain point and the rack collapses. It’s a little like the human skeleton that supports the body – break even one bone and it’s painful.

Any guesses on the number one reason rack systems fail? Forklift damage. Ninety percent of rack failure is damage from forklifts with the most damage occurring between the floor and the first horizontal beam. End frames and corner uprights are most vulnerable because forklift drivers “turn into” the bottom of the racking system when they come around a corner when entering or leaving an aisle. Rack protection minimizes rack damage and helps preserve the structural integrity of the rack.

Rack Sentry and Rack Sentry CONTOUR rack protectors feature a patented air chamber that absorbs the impact force and deflects energy away from the rack. Exclusive to Sentry products, the air chamber acts like a mini-air bag that absorbs repeated impacts without being damaged beyond its effectiveness. At 18 inches tall, these rack protectors attach to the uprights with hook and loop straps and are easily removable for rack inspections. With a variety of sizes and configurations, Rack Sentry and Rack Sentry CONTOUR protect at all angles and fit rack uprights three inches to 4.75 inches wide and are the only brands featuring the exclusive cut-out.

Speaking of forklifts coming around the corner. What about blind corner intersections? When you can’t see around the corner to see if anything is coming up the aisle, that’s dangerous.

Collision Sentry makes it less dangerous by “seeing” around corners where drivers and pedestrians can’t. So how does it work? Mounted to the rack using integrated magnet mounts, Collision Sentry sends a synced visual and audio warning only when motion is detected on both sides of a blind corner. That’s when conditions for a possible accident are created. And, the warning is sent in plenty of time to take corrective action.

What sets Collision Sentry apart from other warning systems? First, it’s self-powered so there’s no costly hard wiring or additional electric needed. Just snap it to the rack, pull the tab to activate the batteries and it’s ready to go. It’s portable, compact and lightweight, with a low-battery indicator. The lights are positioned for maximum visibility and sound is adjustable. The Collision Sentry is highly visible and reliable when it comes to making blind corner intersections safer.

Think about it. Safety is far too important to be an afterthought. Be proactive and be prepared.




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