These Techs Amaze Me!

When I first started at I heard the term "Raymond Certified Technician" fairly often.

It made me think of a slick ad put together by some ad agency touting some corporate version of reality.

But then I met the guys that do the work - the Raymond techs that repair the forklifts. And I discovered that they are simply amazing with forklift equipment.

And not just Raymond equipment, but any forklift equipment made by any company.

They are like forklift doctors that make house calls. They arrive and take care of the equipment with predictability, and they keep it running.


There are some real benefits that you experience when they work on your equipment...

WHAT YOU AVOID: You are not going to come in to work one day with workers idly waiting for a repair so they can get back to work.

Trucks that go down haven't been looked after. Smaller repairs early on almost always prevent larger and far more costly ones later on. So the techs catch these and handle them on the spot.

They also carry commonly used parts in their trucks.

WHAT YOU AVOID: They don't have to come back tomorrow or next week. The parts needed are there ready to go.

If they run into an unusual or quirky problem, they have the latest factory service information and a hotline that gives them access to a team of knowledgeable people back at the office and at the factory to call to solve even the rarest problem.

WHAT YOU AVOID: There is no brush off like: "Sorry can't fix it now. I have to go research it. This lift is going to have to be sidelined today."

Everything the tech does is designed to minimize downtime, and keeping unnecessary costs in mind.

Some people would argue that having one of these super techs is not as cost effective as in-house technician.

WHAT YOU AVOID: You don't have to send your own staff for regular training, paying salaries when they are not busy, and carrying the expense of a full time employee.

Our techs have the proper training, knowledge, tools and experience. They have factory support and their work is warrantied.

Having our techs on site provides peace of mind.

WHAT YOU AVOID: Stress. You have better things to do than hurriedly call someone you don't know to come quickly get your equipment back into production.

You see...

When you sign-up for one of our Scheduled Maintenance Programs, you'll receive recommended factory maintenance and our techs will review with you upcoming issues that may emerge in the coming months or year.

And know that RHCC offers comprehensive fixed-price maintenance as well as full-service equipment usage programs and forklift maintenance tracking.

Want more information on the program? Have a question?

Contact my colleague Mary to discuss this program more to see what we can do to provide all the benefits that our super techs can provide your company. Her info is below:

Mary's number is 209-649-2715 or email her at

She'll make sure you get connected with one of our super techs.

If you prefer, just hit REPLY and drop me an email and I will ensure that Mary connects back you on this and get you set up with the information you need.


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Megan Perreira
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

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