Used Upright 44" x 142"

Used Upright 44" x 142"


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Used Upright 44" x 142" 

Roll-Formed Selective Pallet Rack is the most flexible and extensively used pallet rack in the material handling industry. Hannibal offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and gauges to meet most capacity and seismic requirements.


  • Fast Clip Beam Attachment
  • Compatible with Most Brands
  • Welded Frame Design
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible Applications
  • High Quality Powder Coat Finish

Pallet racking can include the following components: 

  • roll-formed or structural upright
  • roll-formed or structural load beam
  • cantilever column
  • cantilever arm
  • wire decking
  • pallet support
  • pallet flow rack
  • case flow
  • pallet flow
  • bollard


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