Emergency Containment Spill Kit 20 Gallon

Emergency Containment Spill Kit 30 Gallon

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Emergency Containment Spill Kit 30 Gallon 

PRO Series offers this 20 gallon easy-to-use emergency spill clean up and containment kit for battery acid. All the tools and supplies needed to safely clean up and dispose of up to 11 gallons of battery acid spills. The kits are designed for fast response and quick clean up. Each item is packed so you can quickly don the safety gear, contain the spill, neutralize and absorb the acid and finally place in the DOT approved container and ship for disposal. Quick, clean and safe.

Meet all requirements:
The complete Emergency Spill Containment Kits meet these OSHA specifications and DOT requirements of packaging and transporting of hazardous wastes:

1926.441(a)(5) “Face shields, aprons, rubber gloves and quick drenching facilities shall be provided for workers handling acids or batteries.”

1910.178(g)(2) “Facilities shall be provided for neutralizing spilled electrolyte.”

User of this kit is responsible for having received the proper training in the operation and handling of the kit’s contents.