Raymond Camber Jack Kit Call for pricing and options

Raymond Camber Jack Kit Call for pricing and options

Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

SKU: 950-350/CJW2

*Only available in the following areas: California, Nevada, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana.

Camber Jack Kit call for pricing and availability.

When a load wheel on a Reach-Fork® or Orderpicker truck needs a quick change, the Camberjack simplifies the job.

To easily change load wheels, a technician slides the Camberjack underneath the base leg and behind the load wheels. A single push toward the floor lowers the handle of the Camberjack, raising the base leg.  The raised base leg provides ample room for a technician to reach the load wheels needing replacement.  The handle is removed from the base of the Camberjack prior to changing the load wheels. Once the load wheel is changed, the handle is reinserted to the base and the handle is pushed upright to lower the base leg. The Camberjack slides from underneath the leg for easy removal.


The Camberjack enables a technician to only remove and replace the load wheel that is needed, eliminating any unnecessary wheel changes.
Plus, the Camberjack works even in tight spaces!

The Camberjack can fit in a space as small as 1.8 inches high and lift up to 2.15 inches high.

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