Aqua Sub Jr. 9 Gallon Tank

Aqua Sub Jr. 9 Gallon Tank

All Battery


Aqua Sub Jr. 9 gallon tank with 09FBLUT3 connector

This is a lightweight unit, that is perfect for small or medium jobs.  The 2 wheel set up makes it easy to transport and no power cords to trip over.  The direct fill link on the hose delivers the correct amount of pressure required to fill the watering system.


9 gallon capacity- for best results fill tank with tap water, bottle water or deionized water from the deionizer.

Collapsible Handle- The Aqua Sub Jr. is portable and easy to transport, the heavy duty handle is easily secured using locking pins.

Battery- 12 volt battery is included and mounted under the tank.

Charger- Matching charger plugs into a 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz volt power supply.  The charger shuts off automatically when the battery is at full charge.

Direct Fill Link- Ships with a pressure regulator and 09FBLUT3 connector, competitor connector available upon request.

Hose- 8' of 3/8" braided hose is included.

Pump- 1.0 G.P.M. diaphragm pump with in-line-fuse.

Wheels- Large wheel base makes it easy to maneuver.  Wheel size: 11 3/4".

Warranty- 1 year parts and labor.