HydroPure Battery Water Deionizer System

HydroPure Battery Water Deionizer System

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SKU: PS-300

HydroPure Battery Water Deionizer System

This easy to install, pressurized purification system is available for a fraction of the cost of outsourced distilled water. Using purified water in your industrial battery is the safest and most reliable way to go.

In most water sources you will find impurities such as platinum, manganese, nickel, copper, iron, and chloride salts.  Metallic and other impurities in the water could cause something referred to as "mossing" in the cells which can drastically reduce the life of your battery causing unnecessary replacement and repairs.

The on-site system takes the full-line pressure up to 80 PSI, which allows the flow to be fast enough to be used directly with a watering gun. Disposal of the Deionizer cartridge is easy and environmentally friendly as the contents are non-toxic.



- Comes with everything you need to provide clean, fresh water from your tap
- Operates at full-line pressure to dispense pure water directly from the deionizer
- Quick cartridge replacement requires no tools
- 20-foot output hose allows you to fill a mobile watering cart
- Optional watering gun lets you fill a battery directly from the deionizer if necessary


    - Cartridge is over 2 feet long and rated for 600 gallons of fresh, pure water


      No need to mount near AC power source

      - Includes 2 D-cell batteries that will last for 2 years


        - Dual color light indication signals when it's time to change the cartridge.
        - Green light means water purity is Ok
        - Red Light means that it is time to change the cartridge
        - No light means your batteries need to be changed