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Battery Water Monitor - Single Wire Blinky
Battery Water Monitor - Single Wire Blinky installed on battery

Battery Water Monitor - Single Wire Blinky

Battery Water Monitor - Single Wire Blinky

The Patented BLINKY by Philadelphia Scientific flashes green when your battery's electrolyte level is good. The monitor will flash red when it is getting low to indicate that your battery needs to be watered. This BLINKY light will save you both time and repair when you take out the guess-work of trying to find out if your battery needs water. The LED light is one of the brightest in the industry, making them very visible in any light setting. This monitor will protect the investment put into your products by warding off dry cells which could cause major battery failure and damage. The 2.35" Blinky monitor fits almost all batteries.

Benefits of a Battery Water Monitor:

  • Improves battery life by helping spot low water
  • Helps to eliminate over and under watering of batteries
  • Easy to install
  • Can be placed on any cell

Battery Water Monitor - Single Wire Blinky Specifications:

  • Water probes typically installed in a center cell - as they tend to loss water faster due to heat and evaporation
  • Basic Green LED on top of the probe
  • Green LED is OFF when water needs to be added
  • Green LED is ON when water level is good
  • Single Wire Connection
  • Probe Length 2.35" other sizes available upon request

Price includes Single Wire "Blinky" Battery Water Monitor only. Does not include delivery, installation, fill devices, batttery watering system, watering carts, water monitors, delivery gun, or battery.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about delivery and installation rates, please contact us at or 1-844-445-1119.