Battery Watering Technology Direct Fill Link

Battery Watering Technology Direct Fill Link

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Battery Watering Technologies Direct Fill Link

This BWT Standard Direct Fill Link operates like a watering gun equipped with a flow indicator wheel, a pressure sensitive handle and a connector similar to a garden hose connection. This strong yet gentle fill link from Battery Watering Technologies is able to handle pressure from 100 PSI and output it at 10 PSI. The Direct Fill Link has interchangeable parts available for multiple injectable watering systems. 


  • The Standard Direct Fill link operates like a watering gun with its pressure sensitive handle. It does not have a lock on the handle and is much safer to operate. It will immediately shut off if left in a battery - eliminating all possibility of overfilling
  • The flow indicator is encased in PVC - making it both very durable and lightweight
  • The Flow rate on the DF72 is fast enough for your largest battery, yet gentle enough to fill small delicate batteries without overflow or mess. 
  • Easy to use! Just connect your DF72 to a standard garden hose, while filling make sure to look for the flow indicator to stop spinning, disconnect - and you're done!

*The DF72 is not recommended for use with Philadelphia Scientific injector systems or WaterMaster systems. 

*Gray ends available upon request