Flow-Rite Millennium Battery Watering System

Flow-Rite Millennium Battery Watering System

All Battery

SKU: BK-1C0-201-506

Battery Watering System - Flow Rite Millennium

The Battery Watering System Includes:

  • Valves
  • Tubing
  • End Connector - please specify if known*

* most batteries have male connectors and the filling device (gravity feed, direct link, powered water cart) have the female end connector. Please verify whether you need a high or low pressure end connector


Benefits of a Battery Watering System:
  • Improves battery life and simplifies maintenance
  • Reduces time it takes to water batteries - saving labor
  • Saves time by reducing filling time by 90%. 
  • Reduces battery watering costs, often paying for itself within the first year of operation
  • Improves battery maintenance by filling to the proper level and eliminating over and under filling. 
  • Helps extend battery life by watering properly and reducing corrosion.  
  • Pre-assembled kits are easy to install on new batteries or retrofit on existing batteries
  • No more opening vent caps manually and filling each cell individually
  • Each battery watering system is equipped with an easily installed series of interconnected valves which replace your existing vent caps
  • No need to remove vent caps for maintenance
  • Less chance of damage to floors and equipment from spills

Approximate Fill Time and Pressure for Flow Rite Millennium Battery Watering System:

  • low pressure, 45 second to 3 min fill time, smaller fleets

* watering times will vary depending on battery sizes, fill device, usage, etc.

 Price includes Flow Rite Millennium Battery Watering System only. Does not include delivery, installation, fill devices, watering carts, water monitors, delivery gun, or battery.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about delivery and installation rates, please contact us at store@raymondhandling.com or 1-844-445-1119.


Flow Rite Millennium Battery Watering System Installation Video

From: https://www.flow-rite.com/battery-watering/millennium