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Blue Guardian Pallet Protector on Forklift Carriage
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Blue Guardian Pallet Protector

Blue Guardian Pallet Protector

*Only available in the following areas: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. 

Exclusively available through Raymond, the Blue Guardian Pallet Protector enhances product and pallet protection. By redistributing the impact of a forklift to the sturdy center block of a pallet, the Blue Guardian reduces product damage often related to standard forklift impact. Its low-profile polyurethane bumper avoids direct contact with the load to reduce damage to the primary and secondary packaging of palletized products.  Using this pallet protector results in fewer wood splinters from pallets, minimizing debris and forklift tire damage.

If you are looking for an enhanced pallet and product protection, the Blue Guardian Pallet Protector is the reliable solution.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • No permanent modification to the forklift needed
  • Fits standard ITA Class II forklift carriages
  • Length- 8.75 in / 476.3 mm
  • Width- 7.00 in / 117.8 mm
  • Height- 0.40 in / 10.2 mm
  • Weight- 17.5 lb / 7.9 kg

*Shipping not included. 

Inquires outside of above territories, please contact us at 844-445-1119 or for the closest Raymond® Service Center.


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