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Operator's Training- Safety On The Move for Electric Forklifts
Operator's Training- Safety On The Move

Operator's Training- Safety On The Move

Operator's Training- Safety On The Move

Raymond's Operator's Training- Safety On The Move is a comprehensive electric forklift operator and safety training program that uses interactive discussions and demonstrations of safety principles, video-based examples and practical hands-on sessions.

Forklift operator trainees are able to both see and experience for themselves the important concepts of electric forklift operation that are essential for a safe, efficient material handling warehouse.

Certified, expert forklift operator training for precision material handling

The Raymond Corporation’s lift truck operator training program has helped employers protect their people, equipment, and materials since its introduction in 1991. 

Studies have shown that effective operator training, such as that provided by the Safety On The Move program, can help improve your bottom line.

It can assist you in reducing accidents, equipment downtime, and product damage, and increase worker productivity and customer satisfaction.



The Safety On The Move program can help you comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirement that all operators of industrial lift trucks be trained and certified in the use of their equipment before being allowed to operate it as part of their job.

Each participant will receive a personalized certification of completion upon successfully completing the course.



Prices are different based off of training location and number of participants.

There is a minimum of 3 participants to conduct training in Washington or Oregon at RHCC branch.

Raymond Handling Concepts' Operator Training is available in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Extra charge of $350 for weekend training and traveling expenses may be added if needed if conducted at another site.

Includes selected forklift model training that is pre-selected with customer and trainer prior to course.

We will contact you after purchase to schedule a training session time available with one of our certified trainers.

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