Swing Reach Lift Truck: Used

Swing Reach Lift Truck: Used

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Raymond Swing Reach Lift Truck - Renewed

The industry calls them used forklifts, but we called them Raymond RENEWED Pre-Owned lift trucks. That’s because our used lift trucks are exceptionally engineered, energy efficient and provide a quality lift truck at price that matches your budget. We meticulously select and service Raymond Swing Reach Truck for our Raymond RENEWED program. We take pride in providing exceptional value and in the fact that Raymond RENEWED Swing Reaches look and perform just like new. 

These Orderpickers are customized to come with LKQ's standard options. Pricing is for LKQ Facilities only.


Extend Your Warehouse Capacity Up To 300%

With usable warehouse space at a premium, the only way to maximize your storage capacity and your profits is to go higher and narrower. Which is exactly why we engineered our Swing-Reachtrucks and Transtackers. The result for you is immediate: increase pallet capacity up to 3-times - all within the same warehouse footprint.


  • One (1) Reconditioned Orderpicker
  • Light and Fan Package
  • 72 Inch Forks
  • Heat Treated Forks
  • Wire Guidance
  • 59 Inch Platform (extensions)
  • Option of adding on a NEW 24 Volt (12-125-15) HUP Battery