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Sentry Protection Guard Post
Sentry Protection Guard Post

Sentry Protection Guard Post

Sentry Protection Guard Post

This bollard is available for a wide variety of uses, indoors or out.

  • 48" tall, tapers from 5"x5" (125x125mm), with a 14" (355mm) diameter round base.
  • Each side of the guard post has a 2.5"x20" (63x500mm) inset available to place reflective tape or other signage.
  • 6 lb weight makes it easy to maneuver and easily transportable
  • Bright color make it a vhighly visible guiding tool
  • Water-tight, hollow, portable bollard can be filled with ballast to increase the stability or it can be attached with fasteners onto a floor, dock, or any other flat base. It can also be staked to the ground if used away from pavement.
  • Insets on all 4 sides create a signage attachment

Sentry Guard Post's removable top is designed to work with plastic chains for traffic control.  The top allows for chain to pass-through within a slot and a round opening for chain your choice in attachment options. The cap is easily removed to give access into the post. Ballast, such as sand or water, can be added through the top. 

The highest reviewed feature is the design, combined with the unique colors available makes it a great addition to any venue. This portable bollard exudes function, without making the area look like it might be under construction.  Some of the available colors copy the look of stone or metal, making this lightweight product appear much more permanent and structural. In combination with heavy duty plastic chain, Guard Post offers a solution that looks sturdy and resilient, but it's gentle enough that it will not damage anything that comes in contact with it.