Shower Eye Wash Assembly

Shower Eye Wash Assembly | EnerSys

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Shower Eye Wash Assembly

This emergency shower and eyewash station provides expedited decontamination. They let employees wash off hazardous substances that can cause serious injury. 

No matter what industry you’re in, the safety of your employees and the preservation of our environment is a concern we all share. Batteries, when handled and maintained properly, are a very effective and safe alternative to other sources of power. Batteries are also the most fully recycled of all consumer products – more than 98% of all battery lead is recycled.

From environmentally-friendly cleaning and neutralizing agents to protective gear and eyewash stations, our safety solutions can help you protect your employees and minimize risk in the workplace. These products can also facilitate compliance with OSHA regulations and other regulatory agencies.



• Large stainless steel pull rod actuator

• Self-adjusting regulator to assure a constant, even flow

• Galvanized piping

• ABS dual stream head with pop-off covers