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TC900 Soft Sided Dock Shelter
TC900 Soft Sided Dock Shelter
TC900 Soft Sided Dock Shelter

TC900 Soft Sided Dock Shelter

TC900 Soft Sided

Dock Shelter

The TC 900 series soft sided dock shelter services a wide variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer. It has durable foam side frames that are mounted to double kiln dried lumber at the wall with removable side curtains attached to high impact polypropylene on inside of foam pads at the face. The TC900 series shelter comes standard with a structurally self supported head canopy that is translucent and raked for drainage. Head and side curtains have ScotchPly® stays. The soft sides on the shelter prevent damage to the shelter from any off center trailers. Bottom draft pads are standard.


TC910 — 22 oz. Vinyl ---- Medium usage
TC920 — 40 oz. Vinyl ---- Medium to Heavy usage
TC940 — Truk Flex™ ---- Heavy usage
TC950 — Rough Flex™ -- Medium usage
TC960 — Max Flex™ ----- Very heavy usage


  • Standard unit is 12’ wide x 11’ high x 20” projection with 36” curtain drop for 10’W x 10’H opening
  • Head curtain has five fiberglass stays, four overlapping wear pleats per side & wind straps
  • Side curtains have closed cell neoprene sealing edge, bottom wear panels & fiberglass stays max 16” O.C.
  • Removable side curtains mount to high impact polypropylene on inside edge of foam side pads
  • Structurally supported head canopy with translucent fiberglass
  • 22 oz. vinyl base fabric
  • One pair foam bottom draft pads
  • 7’0” between side panels at face

We will need to come out and preform a dock survey to propose the best solution for this product. We need to see the site to account for all the different variables that come in to play at your dock.