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Walkie Stacker
Walkie Stacker
Walkie Stacker

Walkie Stacker

The Raymond 6210 Walkie Pallet Stacker features an adjustable baseleg design that makes it a smart, economical solution for moving multiple pallet sizes. The 6210 walkie straddle truck enables operators to maneuver multiple-sized pallets quickly and easily in tight quarters. The 6210 stacker truck allows you to better utilize your vertical storage, off-load pallets from the end or sides of trailers and navigate in tight spaces with smooth, precise control – ideal for retail store, light-duty manufacturing and dock to stock applications.
RCS 20/30/40
The RCS Walkie Counterbalanced pallet stackers provide versatile, efficient and reliable pallet stacking capabilities. The RCS walkie counterbalanced trucks are ideal for working in trailers, boxcars or with racks. Heavy-duty construction and on-board diagnostics make the RCS walkie easy to maintain and economical to own.
RRS 30
With the Raymond RRS walkie reach pallet stacker, do the job in less time for less money. This highly maneuverable pallet stacker is the perfect vehicle for retail storage areas, weight restricted elevators and floors, and other specialized operations. Trust the versatile RRS walkie reach to accomplish all of your staging and dock-to-stock needs.
RRS 22/30/40
With the Raymond RSS 22/30/40 walkie straddle stacker trucks, you can save valuable cycle time with drive-in-access to pallets and easy-to-operate controls. A load-sensing torsion bar suspension provides easier steering, and modular components and robust construction ensure your walkie pallet stacker will stand up to years of use.




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