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WATCHMAN: Forklift Collision Avoidance

The WATCHMAN, a low clearance alarm bar equipped to warn forklift operators and management of potential collisions between forklifts and overhead doors before they occur. Warehouse safety, for operators and employees/pedestrians is a priority in any warehouse and the WATCHMAN helps towards achieving that.

Application and installation

  1. The WATCHMAN installs slightly below the overhead door or fixture to be protected
  2. When the forklift operator makes contact with the WATCHMAN, the impact instantly sets off a loud 105dB alarm and flashing red lights  
  3. The alarm paired with the flashing lights serve as signal to the forklift operator to STOP immediately and alerts management of the incident
- Flashing Lights
- Impact resistant ABS Tubing
- Easy installation
- Available Lengths: 8' and 10'
- Optional remote notification
- Highly Audible alarm
- AC power option: 115v or 230v power supply
- Battery power option: Standard alkaline battery last approximately 2 years
- Certification: CE marked
Use and Benefits 
- Prevent costly damage to roll up doors
- Protect conveyors and overhead fixtures 
- Protect overhead heaters and ducting
- Protect roll up doors at loading docks 

Options and Operation
- Power Choices: AC (Plug in Power Supply) and DC (8 Standard "C" cell batteries) User supplied
- Battery powered unit includes low voltage warning that chirps similar to a smoke detector. Should operate 18-24 month under normal condition before replacement
- Options: Dry contact output wire harness (allows activation of remote siren, camera, etc.) available on AC powered units only
- Operation: Once activated the lights on the end caps flash and the siren rings for 4 or 8 seconds (user controlled setting) and then rearms for next incident/collision
- Installation: All units are shipped with two Eye bolts to suspend the unit from overhead joist or ceiling or similar. Manufacturer suggests but do not supply  the hanging hardware (recommended: 1/8'' aircraft cable and fittings). Unit should be place slightly below the object you are protecting and a few feet in front of the object to allow sufficient time to stop once they have made contact and activated unit 
-  Freight Charge separate (all Watchman are shipped LTL)
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