5th annual Pink Pallet Jack Project at Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

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This year’s online auction runs October 9-17, 2018. 

Announcing the 5th pink pallet jack auction for breast cancer

Building on the popularity and success of RHCC’s Pink Pallet Jack project, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation will run the event this October 2018 for the fifth time.

This year The Raymond Corporation has painted a beautiful pink 8210 walkie pallet truck with gray covers. RHCC will auction it off starting Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018. The auction will end on October 17, 2018, at 9 a.m. PST.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Tina Turner Memorial Fund in Greene, NY and HERS Breast Cancer Foundation in Fremont, CA.

The 8210 Raymond AC walkie pallet truck was released by the Raymond Corporation in 2015 and is the perfect lift truck when you need to navigate tight spaces. It is an ideal option for grocery and retail stores as well as dock-to-stock applications.


The origin of the Pink Pallet Jack Project

In September 2014, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation held its first annual Pink Pallet Jack Project. We painted a 102XM walkie pallet jack pink and auctioned it off on eBay for breast cancer awareness.

All proceeds from the lift truck were donated to The Tina Turner Memorial Foundation, part of the Community Foundation in Greene NY, and HERS Breast Cancer Foundation in Fremont, CA.

J&K Trucking out of California purchased the pink pallet jack for $4,150 and donated an additional $350. With that money, RHCC donated a total of $4,500 to the two charities

Breast cancer has personally touched the lives of many at J&K Trucking and they were grateful for the opportunity to share an experience so close to their hearts. J&K Trucking is a husband and wife operation

You can read more about that first Pink Pallet Jack Project here.

Four years of fundraising via the Pink Pallet Jack Project

This is the fifth year the whole Raymond dealer network is getting involved in programs to raise awareness for breast cancer and to provide funding. In previous years, Heubel raised over $27,000 last year, from a pink pallet jack auction and other efforts. Malin painted an 8210 pallet jack pink and donated it to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Dallas, TX. In the past, The Raymond Corporation has donated $10 for every pallet truck sold in the month of October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help find a cure.

Why we donate to breast cancer charities

The Pink Pallet Jack Project idea came about in January 2014. Former RHCC president and great-grandson of George Raymond Sr., Steve Raymond, and another senior executive were having dinner in Greene, NY when local resident Shelly Howell recognized Steve. She and several of her friends struck up a conversation with the two RHCC executives about a charity golf tournament in honor of Tina, Shelly’s sister. Tina had lost her battle to breast cancer. The story touched their hearts and they decided to get RHCC involved.

Breast cancer has touched the lives of many at Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation, too. Among us, there are employees who have survived. Friends and family members who have lost their battles and some that are fighting today. We invite you to join us in this very special cause to raise money for two charities that support those who have been and currently are affected by breast cancer. There are three ways that you can help:

Come and see the pink pallet jack in Lathrop, CA.

Come to our Open House at our Lathrop, CA showroom on Wednesday, October 10th from 11AM-2PM. The pink 8210 pallet jack will be available for viewing. We will also have the Raymond Courier available, a new Raymond automated pallet truck and other new models.

The open house will be located at:

Raymond Handling Concepts

19107 Christopher Way

Lathrop, California 95330

Participate in the Pink Pallet Jack Project auction

The auction, which will be conducted on Ebay.com, starting October 9th at 9 a.m.  PST and run until Oct. 17 at 9 a.m. PST. Click the pink Bid Now button below to place your bid!

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This year’s online auction runs October 9-17, 2018 – button will be enabled then.

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