This Will Alarm You

Guess what product in our store draws the most attention?

I'll give you a hint: It's the most alarming item ever.

It is called the Watchman. A low clearance alarm. (So sorry for the bad pun.)


Every time I share this product on social media, it gets lots of attention. And for good reason.

Here is what it does:

The Watchman is a low clearance alarm bar that warns forklift operators and management of potential collisions between forklifts, overhead doors and fixtures before they happen.

It is ideal if you have any of the following hazards or overhead fixtures in your forklift operating environment:

  • low overhead passageways
  • low height pallet racks,
  • lifts
  • protruding building structures
  • ducts
  • sprinklers
  • conveyors
  • catwalks
  • chemical lines.

Here is how it works:

The Watchman installs in front of and slightly below the overhead door or fixture to be protected. If it is hit by a forklift truck or load, the impact sets off a loud 105dB alarm and triggers flashing red lights. This signals the driver to immediately STOP and alerts management to the incident.

There are an estimated 68,000 forklift accidents each year. These accidents injure 90,000 workers and cause substantial property damage. They also disrupt business operations and result in worker compensation claims. The accidents cost companies millions of dollars in losses.

What is most alarming is that many of these accidents are caused by collisions between forklifts and rollup doors as well as overhead equipment and fixtures.

And they are preventable, with a device as innovative and affordable as the Watchman.

Check it out in our store: The Watchman

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Megan Davis
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

Materials Handling Store
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