The benefits of floor coating in your warehouse

by Dani LaMarche

Floor coatings for the garage and beyond

Benefits of floor coating in your warehouse Those who have experience working around industrial concrete flooring can tell you that it’s not as easy to maintain as one might assume. There’s a reason that the floor coatings business exists, and is so successful. Here are a few reasons it might be time to consider adding a floor coating to your facility.

Coated floors look better

One of the most obvious advantages of having a coated floor is that the end result looks much more attractive to both staff and visitors than its bare concrete counterpart. With options including multiple colors and styles, you can be as creative as you want with your warehouse flooring design. Applying a lighter color can even increase visibility and light reflectivity up to 100 percent, and save energy consumption in the long run.

Floor coatings are easier to maintain

Another one of the benefits of floor coating in your warehouse is cleaning. If you have ever tried to clean a bare floor with an automatic scrubber, you know that it can be a daunting task. Dirt magically seems to multiply and then sticks to everything including cracks in the floor and open control joints. Over time, that settled dirt slowly erodes the concrete causing a fine airborne dust that has the potential to result in respiratory problems for employees as well as damaging product and causing more work for those that have to eventually clean it off during distribution. Once a floor coating has been applied, it adds an easily cleaned, protective layer to prevent dirt from wearing down your floor. A floor coating also keeps the concrete from disintegrating and causing a dusty, unpleasant environment.

Floor coatings save you money

Urethane mortar and epoxy slurries have wear and compressive strengths that are five times greater than standard density concrete. This means you can rest assured that your floor will be able to withstand much more use and weight without damage, which minimizes your maintenance and repair costs. A professionally coated floor will also ensure that your floors are even and safe. Coated floors ideally reduce hazards that stem from employees tripping, or damaging equipment while driving over rough or uneven flooring.

How do floor coatings fit your application?

No matter what environment you work in, there is a floor coating solution to keep your employees and your products safe while in your facility. Some of the available options include:

  • Slip resistant – A floor coating can be supplemented with varying anti-slip additives for use in wet or dusty environments. These additives are also useful for manufacturers or distributors of goods with oils, and dry or loose ingredients. Slip-resistant flooring are ideal to increase traction with vehicles on ramps, or tugs in hangars.
  • Chemical resistant – Chemical-resistant flooring is great for industries that deal with any chemical products, or are at risk for toxic spills including oils, hydraulic fluids, and jet fuels, They’re also ideal for battery charging areas. A chemical-resistant coating prevents stains, erosion, soil contamination, and water contamination.
  • Waterproof – Waterproof coatings keep water from intruding on lower-level floors or areas in which expensive water damage could occur
  • Anti-vibration – Anti-vibration coatings are great for isolation underneath equipment that causes heavy vibrations. They’re also perfect for high traffic areas, such as decks or mezzanines, which can cause unwanted noise and damage from repetitive tremors.
  • Anti-static – Anti-static flooring protects valuable equipment from electrical damage, as well as electronics from static charges. They’re great for the transportation or manufacturing of weapons because it reduces the occurrence of accidental detonation. Anti-static flooring is also used to prevent static build-up in grain elevators and silos.

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