Top 5 forklift mechanics tools

by Dani LaMarche

Quality forklift service depends on the right tools, the following is our list of the top 5 forklift mechanics tools.

Top 5 forklift mechanics tools1. Camberjack:
A camberjack is used to lift an orderpicker so that the load wheels can be changed. Instead of spending 10 minutes using a regular jack to get the base legs off the ground, you simply slip the wheels of the camberjack under the base leg, push the handle down, and you’re ready to change one side.

2. Crimping Tool: A crimping tool is used to crimp ends onto cables when making cable assemblies. This tool will speed up making cable assemblies by eliminating a trip to get a cable assembly made. This tool has different sizing options to crimp just about any cable end. Simply place your end on the cable and use this tool to securely crimp it in place. Then your cable assembly is ready to be installed.

3. Chain Gauge: A chain gauge is used to measure chains on your forklift. It helps a mechanic determine if the chain needs to be replaced or if it is still in good shape. Simply use the chain gauge’s guide to determine if the links match up; if not, the chain needs to be replaced or tightened up. If the guide and the chain links match, then the chain is still in good working shape.

4. Pistol Grip Grease Gun: A grease gun makes quick work of greasing forklift masts, load wheels and so on. The gun operates at 6,000 PSI and includes an 18-inch nozzle extension. Just slip the opened tube of grease inside the blue holder and you’re ready to go.

5. Altimeter: A digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle. This tool will help diagnose electrical problems, and prevent electrical problems while working on a forklift. To use, simply turn the dial to the desired measurement, plug in the leads, and power on the altimeter.

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