Big Bird Would Agree

Did you or your kids ever watch the TV show Sesame Street?

One of the most memorable segments that I loved was when the show's characters would sing:

"One of these things is not like the other..."

Remember that?

Strangely, that little ditty came to mind when I read a Polaris GEM E6 spec sheet this month and put together a very special Earth Day deal (details at bottom of email).

Why? Well, I was putting together a comparison of the GEM E6 vs. a more conventional van or truck for

Polaris Gem E6

As you may know by now, we sell the Polaris GEM E6, which is a street-legal, electric-powered people mover vehicle. It can transport up to 6 people just like an equivalent internal combustion van or truck. While they can both provide the same function, the GEM E6 is mind bogglingly not the same when you run a comparison. Here's why...

1) The GEM E6's price tag will save your company money.

Polaris GEM E6: $16,780
IC powered van or truck: $23,950

2) The GEM E6 is significantly cleaner for the environment.

The GEM E6's CO2 emissions are less than half of an equivalent IC van or truck. While an internal combustion engine van produces 12,125 lbs of CO2 annually, the GEM E6 produces 5,526 lbs. (This is worth noting, as Earth Day is on April 22.)

3) The GEM E6 not as expensive to run annually

More savings for your company. Annual cost of operation for an IC-powered van or truck is $2,820. The E6? $360

4) The GEM E6 is inexpensive to own

Over a 7-year lifespan, the E6 costs $19,300 vs $43,690 for an equivalent van or truck.

But wait, Let's circle back to #2 for a moment...

...because this cleaner-running claim begs a closer look.

The GEM E6 is an all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle. Now, one common question that comes up, when a claim like this is made around "zero-emissions" vehicles, is this:

“What about the carbon released through burning coal to produce the electricity needed to run the car?”

The amount of coal-generated electricity needed to run a GEM E6 for 12,000 miles in one year produces 5,525 lbs of carbon (which is released into the atmosphere). Compare that to a traditional gas-powered vehicle, which generates about 12,125 lbs of carbon from burning fuel.

As you can see, the GEM E6 lives up to the clean-air claim. And, if you can source the electricity used to power the GEM E6 with renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, you can have a truly zero-emissions vehicle.

That is pretty amazing, don't you think?

I've got to say that the Polaris GEM E6 is definitely one of those things that's not like the other.

Oh, and to celebrate Earth Day this month we're offering...

$1,000 off any GEM for the month of April

Here is how to get it:

  1. Choose the model you want by clicking here
  2. Contact me. Hit reply to email me or call me at 844-445-1119
  3. Tell me which GEM vehicle you want and quote the promo code GEM1000
  4. My team and I will take care of the order for you and apply the $1,000 discount.

To see more details on how to get this $1,000 Earth Day deal on any GEM you buy from us in April, CLICK HERE

As always, if you have any questions, hit reply and just ask.

Happy Earth Day!




Megan Perreira
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

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