How to Become a Forklift Psychic

How to Become a Forklift Psychic

It is Tuesday, and one of your team’s supervisors just let you know there has been another forklift impact with racking.

“Who was involved?” you ask.

Your supervisor replies: "I don’t know."

This has become all too common. You think to yourself: I wish I had a way to know, without having to ask.

You know, kind of like having forklift psychic superpowers.

A few hours later, you walk by the "Site Safety" tracker board.


You think back to the situation that caused the latest reset.

An operator drove a forklift they had no training on, and crashed into a conveyor. That brought operations to a stand-still.

It would be handy to instantly know how it happened and who did it.


Near the end of the work day, you get an email from your boss:

What is this invoice for an $8,000 forklift repair? It's an old truck. Shouldn’t we have already replaced it?

You stare at your screen, and type a few different responses that you delete shortly after reading them out loud.

If only you had some way of tracking forklift fleet activity and maintenance. It would let you be proactive in replacing aging forklifts.

Here's the good news.

The forklift psychic superpowers that would help you in all three frustrating scenarios....ACTUALLY EXIST.


It is called: iWarehouse.

iWarehouse is the always-on solution that provides your business with the information it needs to identify gaps or weaknesses in the business. It also provides a remedy to each problem that is identified...

  • Impact sensing
  • Operator access
  • Daily checklists
  • Fleet utilization
  • Maintenance tracking

And these are only a handful of the benefits available from iWarehouse.


A monthly subscription-based model enables your business to take advantage of this competitive advantage over those in your industry not using the system. It is a cost-effective solution that does not break the budget.

When you buy it through us here at Raymond Handling Concepts, you also receive the dedicated support of a Customer Care Advocate (CCA). Each CCA will dig through the data, and compile it into reports that are easily digestible. This lets you take actions to improve on the data you are seeing, rather than figuring out how to find the data.

Our CCA and Account Manager will meet with you on a quarterly (or monthly) basis to go over the information, helping create an action plan to drive the business to success.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can become a forklift psychic using iWarehouse, contact your local Raymond account manager or our specialist Jason Thompson at or 1-253-333-2100 ext 14222.

If you prefer that he contact you, then CLICK HERE and send us your info.

It is as easy as that.

Megan Perreira
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation

Materials Handling Store


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